How to survive a lottery winner

In recent weeks, the National Lottery of England and Euromillions’s prize results have produced more millionaires as a result of players who won the big jackpot. A lucky player in the UK national lottery for example won more than £ 6 million and the winner in the European gift draw received more than £ 37 million. In other images, other players have won a much higher number, indeed these two lotteries among them have created several thousand millionaires. Other global lottery has a similar track record.

Such examples create hope in many people, knowing that winning such prizes will change life, but we all hear about situations where suddenly receive a large amount of money has created a problem for winners. So what should the lottery player do if he suddenly found them earned the top prize?

1. Check the ticket

This might sound clear, but there are the latest examples of players who think they have won a large number just to find their ticket is for the previous week or they misread one number. The best way to do this is check the appropriate lottery administrator website.

Many winners admit that they have examined several sources before believing that they really won.

2. Hold the ticket

The small paper is now worth the money. The lottery administrator needs to see tickets so find a safe place to store it. It doesn’t need to be placed with a bank but somewhere safe and where you can find it easily.

Many winners only store them in your wallet or wallet or in a strong box hidden at home. Others have found more unusual hiding places, such as in the Bible, freezer or in time.

The key is to be able to find it again. Imagine how you feel if you lose a victory ticket!

The smaller prize winner then had to take a ticket to the store where they bought it but those who had a big win need to call the Lottery Administrator using the telephone number on the back of the ticket. If you are a member of the syndicate, the Syndicate Administrator will contact you.

The lottery administrator company is generally experienced in dealing with a big victory so that it will have a professional team that is ready to help you. Usually you will visit a regional office where experts will be ready to help you.

3. Do you make your public victory?

This is a key question. The biggest victory in the Euromillions prize draw was £ 161 million won by Colin and Chris Weir in July 2011. They chose to go public with their victory but then had to spend time avoiding attention. Another winner earlier this year won £ 113 million and no one knew who they were. My personal choice is still silent.

Winners in Israel and the far east have begun to use a mask to preserve their anonymity.

Again, the administrator lottery will tell you and will appreciate your decision.

4. Get good financial advice

Handling a large amount of money actually took some skills. The first step is to open a certain bank account to receive lottery funds electronically; One of the first experts you will see is a bank official. The wise lottery winner will also look for recommended and independent financial advisors who will keep money for you and keep your money administration everyday so you feel less pressing.

5. What should be done with the money?

Of course everyone has a different idea of ​​what they want to do but the business administrator suggests a winner to immediately vacation. The purpose of this is to give you time to relax and get used to the idea of ​​change in your life. Having a break will help you relax and allow you to make rational decisions about the future. Not rushing into change usually means lottery winners enjoy their luck better.

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