A Tennis Betting Guide for Beginners

Tennis is a thrilling game that people love watching over the weekends. It is known for its unpredictability and due to the busy annual tennis calendar, you will always find tennis matches or tournaments to bet on. FairPlay offers betting opportunities which you can take advantage of. Bet on online tennis tournaments like ATP tours, WTA tours, Davis Cup, Fed Cup, and challenge matches. Refer to the live scores of all existing matches. FairPlay will give you all statistics and odds required for online betting 

Types of Betting Odds: 

The three main types of betting odds for tennis are as follows:

  • Fractional (7/1, 3/2)
  • Decimal (2.1, 1.7)-decimal odds are used on the online betting platform.
  • Moneyline or American (+2.5, -2.5) 

Most Popular Options to Bet on Tennis: 

It is important to get acquainted with the various betting terms when it comes to tennis. Let’s take a look the most popular options:

Match betting:

Match betting is the simplest type of betting to understand. Here, the user bets on the player he feels will win the individual match. The player who is favoured to win will have a negative sign(-) next to their money line odds. Whereas the player who is favourable to win, the underdog, has his money line represented with a positive sign(+). Moneylines for match bets can change anytime before the start of the match and shift based on how the public bets on the match. Depending on how the public bets, the payouts may either increase or decrease drastically.

Spread Betting: 

A type of betting which creates a form of rivalry between two players. This betting proves to be an advantage to one player while leaving the other player at a disadvantage. Hence, also known as handicap betting. Bets are placed on how an individual would perform rather than the result of the match. When the tennis match is uneven, this type of betting proves to be more favourable than match betting. If the bettor bets on the unfavoured player and then goes on to win or lose by 1 game, then the bettor wins. Only when the favoured player wins the match by 2 games will the wager be able to profit from it.

Outright Betting: 

When you bet on a single player to win not just one specific game but the whole tournament itself, it’s called outright betting. Outright betting is one of the most well-liked forms of betting since tennis is a sport that is played in a tournament format. These bets are simple to pursue for people who are new to the world of tennis betting. However, it is still a risky form of betting to hope for a single player to go undefeated throughout the entire tournament. The payouts for the underdogs will always be higher than for the favourites in the outright betting. 

Over/Under Betting:

When you bet on the total number of sets that will take place in a given match it is referred to as over/under betting or total betting. The user can bet on whether there will be either more or fewer sets than the hypothetical number. The over/under line in a 3-set match is always 2.5. If a user chooses under, he believes that the match will end in straight sets. Whereas a bettor that chooses under believes that the match will last for all the 3 sets. It is harder to predict the results in a 5-set match since it has a higher variance.

Exact Score Betting:

In exact score betting, users bet on the exact number of games a player will win in a specific set or match. This type of betting is recommended for players who know the players well and are sure about their performance. Exact score bets are challenging and hard to predict compared to the other types of bets, hence they have higher payouts. 


The next time you have an opportunity to roll a set of tennis games, consider betting on whether one of your picks will win or not. Betting on tennis is a good way to get started betting on other sports betting since there are so many parallels between the two that the experience gained from betting on tennis can be carried over making wagering on other sports more effective and fruitful. Betting on the right site isn’t enough to guarantee your success.

To achieve a winning outcome, you have to familiarise yourself with the sport, the best players in the world, and the up-and-coming young stars that may soon take over. Familiarising yourself with odds and markets is also very important, of course. The fact of the matter is, however, even careful research at times won’t be able to compensate for a poor understanding of the game. To fully benefit from your betting endeavours on tennis, it’s best to combine all of these tips for optimum results.



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